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From the January 2013 Retreat

Racerunners, thank you for the weekend, and for believing with me what God is doing. During and since the retreat, God is calling me to higher ground. I went to the retreat with a lot of offense in my heart toward some people who I felt have hurt me in the past. Isn’t it so hard to receive when we are offended?! What God is showing me is my wrong view of self, and who God really is. Since the retreat, I have been charged to turn around what the enemy means for evil. Instead of taking offense and beating myself up for doing so, I am using those moments as opportunities to experience God’s perfect, unconditional love and provision for me. I’m excited about finding more verses that talk about these truths and promises, and I’m increasing my expectation for Him to show up in the DEAD places of my heart and bring life. I can say that I’ve already experienced some victory, but the battle seems so difficult and long sometimes. Thank you for believing with me that His promises to me are true, and He WILL show up, and His love IS enough!  I love you all, thanks again for serving us so well last weekend.

From the January 2010 Retreat

Debby, I just wanted to say thank you for your time and energy this past weekend!  Your prayers, love and encouraging words meant more to me than I can verbalize!!  The retreat was life-changing for me, you and your staff did the most amazing job!!  I wanted to let you know that during the night last night "the enemy" tried an old trick on me that use to paralyze me and it did not last night!!  I spoke truth into "the storm" declaring who I was, and calling upon my Father for help, believing He was there with me.  It passed.  NEVER have I had that type of victory.  I have never even had victory at all in that area!!  I don't have the words to describe how forever grateful I am to you and your staff!!!!! 

You are such a blessing to me and so many others.  I loved the retreat!  The spiritual anointing falls thick on you and the racerunners team.  What a beautiful work that you all do for the Lord. Thank you.

Hello, all.  I just wanted to say that I am decisively standing on faith that I have a new heart and have been baptized afresh in His Holy Spirit.  Hallelujah!  I truly believe this is the year of new beginnings, and I can't wait to know Him more and see His Word come true in 2010.  Thank you soooo much for letting me be a part of this life-changing, hope-giving ministry!

This was the best retreat so far.  I know I always say that, and it’s always true.  The Lord had been speaking to me about a week before the retreat how He makes all things new and in Isaiah 40 about double grace for all my sin.  I loved the red hearts that signified “Everywhere I look His Love is all around.”  Two different times hearts were showered on top of my head and I just drank in the love of God filling me and received it as JUST THAT!  I nailed self-effort, self-glorification, and meeting my own needs to the cross.  I have been walking in HIS sufficiency and His absolute acceptance of me.  I’ve never felt so loved and so at rest.  “Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord had dealt bountifully with you.”

From the July 9, 2005 Retreat

Dear Climbing Companions,
I wanted to share with you whatBaal-perazim(The Lord of the breakthroughs)gave me during Racerunners mid-year retreat on July 9th.  I spent the three days before the retreat in bed suffering from massive depression.  Satan had me convinced that staying at home and in bed was the answer.  The retreat wouldn’t help.  The medicine WASN’T helping
 so why even try anymore? 
     I did, somehow, drag my wretched body to the retreat.  As we began our second praise session and the floor was opened for questions, my heart was racing inside me.  God prompted me to ask for prayer about the depression and oppression that had overtaken me.  In spite of the battle within me, I made myself raise my hand and told Debby how Satan had kept me down for the past six months, and even though I knew what to do, I was incapable of doing it.  God’s word was before me but I couldn’t/wouldn’t take any action on it.  Debby asked me to come forward for prayer.  I remember taking Debby’s hands and holding on to her for dear life.  She began to bind Satan from my pastandfrom my future then asked GOD to free me from the spirit of depression that was holding me captive.  I’m not sure what all was asked on my behalf to be honest.  What I do know is that something
 HEAVY left me!
     For years Satan has told me to just DIE…that I’d be better off dead.  During our third praise session GOD gave me this: “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live(I’m already dead Satan-your death has no sting.),butCHRIST lives in me.  (I now ask GOD to let me die to my flesh so that HE can live through me.)  The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of GOD, who loved me and gave himself for me”(Gal 2:20).
I give praise to my Savior for not giving up on me.  He is, indeed, faithful when we are faithless.  I give testimony today that I have had my BREAKTHROUGH from Satan’s sting and my depression. I am here to tell you I may have been down…but I am NOW UP,thanks to the power of prayer, a body (my spiritual family through Racerunners) that serves Him, and God’s awesome POWER to deliver us from whatever holds us captive.
     Thank you, Debby and Racerunners, for helping me continue my race and not letting Satan win.   I am a living testimony of God’s enormous LOVE & POWER!!!


From Debby's May 2005 Bible Study on Prayer

   I wanted to tell you how much the study on prayer has meant to me and my family. We have three children and we have started praying together as a family every morning. Each of us shares a concern or desire and then the person to your right prays for the prayer concern of the other. My oldest child prayed for me recently when I had an abscessed tooth and she asked that Christ send me good care from the dentist and that I would not be in too much pain. This happened over the weekend when all the dental offices were closed but I had been in touch with my dentist. He had called in medication for pain and treatment for the infection.  As she was praying, I immediately thought of the verse you shared the previous week--Isaiah 65:24: “I will answer them before they even call to meWhile they are still talking to me about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers.” The Lord did answer that prayer and I was able to share with my daughter the verse and tell her that God was actively answering the prayer she had just prayed. I continued to improve and had the root canal on Monday and felt well enough to come to Racerunners that night.
   My youngest son wants a new toy and asked us to pray that he would get it before they are all gone at the toy store. When he wants something, he can’t get it off his mind and he reminds me of it often. I shared with him what we had discussed in class that God does care about all of the things we desire and we need to prayerfully talk to Him about it, trusting Him to provide or change our desires to His perfect will for us. His father prayed for him asking the Lord to provide the toy if that was His will.
 I saw the peace he experienced from praying about it, and his level of anxiety has lessened.
   Just today, we were praying for someone who was very old and losing his faculties and health.  My other child said that, for Christians, dying is “like getting well.”  So, I heard God’s perspective on death from a child! My faith is growing daily from making time to pray specifically with my family. You shared with us in class that prayer will change everything, and I am experiencing that with my family.


From January 2005 Prayer Retreat at The Legends, Prattville, AL:

Hey, Debby!
I just want to say thank you for all that you put into our retreat (and into all that you do for us).  I can only begin to describe the football fields of ground that I gained back from the enemy last weekend.  Thanks to the homework and some significant pre-retreat syndrome, I could finally see - and admit - that I've been living in bondage by fear.  Those ordinary, everyday things like performance, results, and other people's responses to me, well, those were the BIG THREE.  I had even gotten to where I didn't like going to the job that I love, thinking I wasn't good enough and they needed someone else, and I didn't even like being around my co-workers anymore because I felt way beyond inadequate.  I believed they would be sending me on my way any day now.  And at home, I struggle with my dad because he can't be wrong and my opinions are wrong and ridiculous.  It's been a hard, very hard relationship all my life, and it affects me in so many ways, hindering my relationships with other people.  There are so many more things that fear has done to me - I can't believe how many ways it can branch out and wrap up different areas of my life - but those were the biggies.  Without realizing it, I had gotten down there pretty low because of fear - and wouldn't you know, it just never gets any better until it's dealt with. :)

By Saturday night, I had it all broken down into categories and specifics, and I was so excited about prayer time that I would have skipped supper to get right to it.  So, I'll make a long story really short and say that thanks to the Lord, a lot of prayer, you, some string and yarn, safety pins and my prayer person, I can joyfully say to you this day that "I ain't good enough but He still loves me', I'm free to love my job again now, and I'm not in bondage by my dad's moods and responses any more.  FREEDOM IS GOOD!!!!!  The LORD IS GOOD!!!!!!

And I've got to tell you that I was excited about the prayer time because I've never had anything like that before, one-on-one time in prayer.  And it was so special to me afterward, that someone who doesn't even know me would take time to read my homework, open herself up to seek the Lord on my behalf, and sincerely pray with me in that kind of way.  That is truly the love of the Lord.  I've never felt His love more than I did then, and it has transformed my thinking and my daily time with Him, and even the way I look at those around me.  Now I want everybody else to feel His love like that, too.

Thank you, I love you!

From Other Events:

I came to a retreat and heard you.  You talked about your love affair with Jesus and gave example after example about how God led you and enabled you to walk through life by faith.  Your conversations were with a real God, a compassionate, generous, long-suffering God that you knew.  You knew God at a different level than I did - more intimately than I did.  I wanted to know God like that.  I wanted to love God like that.  But there were tiny cracks in my faith.  You could not see them but God, my loving Father saw them.  He knew that when I left the retreat those tiny cracks for a time would turn into deep crevices as many hard things tumbled into my life.  But God used that period of blackness in my life to draw me to Himself, and He used Racerunners in the process.  I signed up for the Tape of the Month and enjoyed them.  But as the hard times seemed to turn into a free fall into blackness, I clung to the teaching of God's Word presented on the tapes.  The darkness was so great that sometimes I listened to each tape 3 or 4 times in one day.  God was drawing me to Himself.  Your honest sharing of your own vulnerabilities and your personal prayers captured my heart.  Thank you for coming once again to share God's special intimate message.
North Carolina

Just a short hello to tell you that as always, last night's teaching was so powerful.  How God uses you just blesses my heart more than I can ever tell you.  God has used you in my life like no other.  I've told you that before but as an encouragement to you I feel it bears repeating.  Because of how God used you in my life, He is moving in my life.  Praise the Lord!!  I'm in a wonderful witnessing ministry at my church that I would not have even considered before "your teaching".  That was the beginning of God making serious changes in my life.  And I know much more is to come.  I'm scared, but on the other hand, cannot wait to tell others about Jesus.  Thank you, dear Lord, for faithful servants like Debby.
Montgomery, AL

I heard you speak in Kentucky and had to thank you so much for coming.  God talked to me in so many ways and I just had to share it with you.  You said that God spared you early in life to come to this retreat and I believe it was for me.
You told us that before you signed any of your books, you ask God what to write in them.  As I handed you my book, I admit I was a little skeptical, you not knowing anything about me and wondering what would come to your mind.  I told you my name and waited....  As I watched you write, saw the words come from your pen, I KNEW that God was moving your hand.  You see, you wrote that I was special to God and that He was proud to be my daddy.  I have never thought of God as my daddy but....  My father left my family when I was only 7 years old and drifted back in and out of my life whenever it was convenient for him.  This was usually about once a year or so.  Anyway, not long ago, I was talking to a friend of mine and she kept talking about her father and referring to him as "daddy".  I felt a stab of jealousy.  I don't ever remember calling my father that.  When you said that God referred to Himself as my daddy, I can't described how I felt.  That has been a hole in my life that has never been filled.  And to think that I am special to Him!  (My father has never told me that either.)
Thank you so much for being God's vessel.  I pray that God will continue to use you to touch other lives as mine has been.

First let me say that I praise God for this week's message.  Just last night my mother called to state, "I think we have done our duty and none of us should feel obligated to do any more for them ever again."  I got to lovingly share with her the message that when we make a statement about what we will and will not do, we open the door for Satan to come in.  I shared with her that Satan would love nothing more than to divide and conquer a family.  She's still hurt, but I know that God worked in that conversation and He is transforming my relationship with my mom through the lessons at Bible study.
Montgomery, AL

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